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Have a great day

An amazing and well executed example of one of the many positive ‘truths’ that yoga is built upon – to give without expecting a return. I mean, it is for a mobile brand and the tag line is ‘giving is the best communication’ but, the positive message is still there.

There’s nothing better than a life-affirming message first thing in the morning.

Now, who can I give something to today…

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Check out the new page ‘Heath + Yoga Binge’. After being off the blogging scene for the summer, thinking my little head off to come up with some new material for you I had an epiphany…today. Yoga!

The new dimension that has been added to I Love Candy is to share with you what I seem to be researching all day. This is yoga, home-made and organic health and beauty products, food, philosophies about life (not too deep, I promise) and just general ways of making things just that little bit better in the most natural way possible.

I’m undertaking a yoga teacher training course you see, so these ways of thinking and interests have developed from that. Anyway, enough. Please have a read, all will become apparent and hopefully make enough sense to lure you in and provide you with different ideas and inspirations to my usual fashion drawl.


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Handmade (by Emily Morris) silver Koi Karp 'luck' ring

Handmade (by Emily Morris) silver Koi Karp ‘luck’ ring

I Love Candy accessories are now being stocked in the lovely Coffeebean Company!!!

You can find handmade and vintage pieces from my accessories range among the huge array of coffeebeans and delicious home made cakes. They even come with a sweet little I Love Candy sticker, just for you to stick just about anywhere. We’re all about the guerilla advertising these days.

Please be sure to visit if you are in the Leigh-on-Sea area.

The Coffeebean Company – 39 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1SW

Rare vintage deer brooch

Rare vintage deer brooch


Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) sequin and stud bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) sequin and stud bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) pearl and vintage bead bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) pearl and vintage bead bow tie necklace




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Er, hello spring!

Finally some sunshine and a hint of spring.

Time to start thinking about getting your feet nice and pretty for some nice and pretty sandals I think.

Here’s a suggestion: Miista by Laura Villasenin. Look at these beauts. Sexy and sensible? Not two words that are likely to belong together but in this case we can make an exception.

Perfect for running about town while looking so, like, edgy and cool.


Image from Miista lookbook

Emily Morris

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Love, Love, Love

Since I’m back in the game of blogging now, I’ve just stumbled upon yet another jewellery designer who’s work is totally fabulous…

Mava Haze


I love her psychedelic use of colour to create youthful, exciting and inspiring works. Her website is pretty snazzy too, very on-trend with the galaxy reference.

This beaut hails from the  Castellón, Espania and moved to Barcelona to study fashion design and MA image consulting. She, like many others found the link between fashion and jewellery irresistable and started creating her own line in 2012.

Also, she ships to the UK. Yessss! I think I will surely add some pieces to my ever growing wish list, oh and my ever growing Pinterest board.




(All pics from Mava Haze website)

Emily Morris

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Shiny new jewels


Dear I Love Candy-ers,

I’m very sorry I’ve been a tad rubbish with the ol’ blogging malarky. It’s been a crazy, busy year so far and it’s only just April!

Any who, enough of the excuses. Since starting my yoga teacher training studies, and travelling around Thailand I’ve been feeling very inspired by spiritual symbols in jewellery. I’ve now set up my little jewellery making desk so can crack on with making some divine pieces.

At present, I’m loving these amazing jewellers who, like me take inspiration from spirituality, buddhism and ancient Asian art and culture.

Silver Service

I came across this lovely brand when my friend bought me a hand of Fatima charm friendship bracelet a few years ago and have been wearing it ever since. I love this because not only are Tilly Sveaas’s pieces affordable but they’re so small that it takes for someone who notices the tiny details to notice, and to me that’s what makes something stand out.

Satya Jewellery

This jewellery has come about as a direct reaction to yoga and travelling in Thailand. Their collection of lotus influenced rings and bangles are particularly lovely. They’ve managed to keep it minimal and contemporary and have maintained an essence of natural beauty with a handmade and hammered effect.

satya-blossoming-bracelet-24kt-gold-plateLove Pray Jewellery

For those who are in the know about mala beads, these girls make some beautiful ones. They are a little expensive and based in the U.S but it’s really nice to see mala beads have a bit of a re-style. Not only are these beautiful pieces a gorgeous piece of jewellery, they add a certain something glamourous to your meditation session. I’m almost certain that my meditation will be much better if I have one of these, therefore I think I might have to treat myself to one (well, the bank might have to).

They also do really nice necklaces and such for those not into the meditation lark. I’ve got my eye on a tiger’s eye art deco style necklace to start, and the list goes on and on.


(All jewellery pictures courtesy of the jewellery websites, Silver Service, Satya Jewellery, Love Pray Jewellery. Elephant image from Google images)

Emily Morris

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Doggy Dudes

Afternoon, I Love Candy-ers!

I hope you’re all well and thankful that it’s nearly February! Yesssss, spring is on it’s way!

In the hope of clearing those January blues, I came across this interesting take on displaying various menswear looks. ‘Tis none other than 3 year old Shiba Inu ‘Menswear Dog’. From across the North Atlantic Ocean in the Big Apple, this dapper pooch is the go to for the latest ways of wearing mens fashion.

I love this sartorial take on gents dressing, although I do hope his gorgeous face has been superimposed rather than forced into such things (all in the name of animal wellfare I say).

Check out the Menswear Dog Blog: http://mensweardog.tumblr.com/

tumblr_mhatfpXhpO1s4yg05o1_1280(Picture from Menswear Dog blog)

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Happy New Year!!!!

I Love Candy would like to wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR!!


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Blog it, cook it, eat it


Blogging is great, a brilliant platform to promote your fabulous selves, share amazing ideas and record thoughts and opinions. Anyone can do it, everyone should do it! I’m so pleased to say, my best friend Becky has now joined the blogosphere, with her wonderful and tasty recipes, finally! Much like our Becky, I am a foodie, and when it comes to cooking, I love fresh, home made meals. Please check it out, and have a go at making some of her easy-peasy, no nonscence treats.

Blog: http://mrsbeckyhodge.wordpress.com/

Emily Morris

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