Health + Yoga Binge

So, here’s the freshest development of the I Love Candy Magazine blog. I’ve decided to share my obsession of all things yoga, organic and naturally amazing in everyway.

Of course, I still love street fashion and accessories but since embarking upon a yoga teacher training course I’ve been introduced into a whole new world.

So far I have come to understand yoga as being this: a doorway into a way of life, an understanding of oneself and the learning of compassion and love for those around us. Not only is it just about the most complete and amazing form of exercise and a holistic body detox, but it’s a way of finding something else from within, something that in our hectic everyday lives gets buried deeper and deeper inside.

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk the usual, airy fairy, hippiefied yoga talk (sorry if that offends anyone but the talk is a tad too sweet for me) and I have been racking my brain to try to articulate it in a more ‘cool’ and modern way, but I honestly can’t, argh!!! That above is how it is. It’s the truth and that’s all there is to it. Sorry!

Now that I’ve passed my teacher training course, I’m in dire need of an outlet. I’m hoping that someone else may be interested, or may be walking down the same road. It’s not all flowers and Om chanting and birds and nature like in a Disney film, I’m here to say that discovering and accepting who you really are is effing hard work and at times is just darn rubbish!

However, as a professional yoga teacher with a view on the bright side of life I will be sharing my personal asana practice development as well as my fascination and belief that in this day and age you can live a cruelty free and naturally beautiful life. The latter will be in the form of home made beauty products, recipes and amazing alternative and eco-friendly (for want of a better word) holidays.

This is not only for the spiritually informed but for gals and guys who like animals, food, health and well being or just want something inspirational or interesting to read for a bit.

I promise you, I will try my hardest to keep it real! Peace and love y’all.



(Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth, beauty and purity. Image from Google Images)


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