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POP goes spring time colour


Feeling inspired by all amazing spring time colours. The silver lining to all the dark grey clouds full of rain we’ve been seeing as of late.

Emily Morris

(Photographs by me)


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Hail Cesar

Flicking through Vogue UK’s April issue, I came across Mathieu Cesar. A 24 year old French photographer with a penchant for black and white imagery, “Things are just too beautiful in black and white…It shows emotion in a clear way and feelings are more obvious”.

I just love this. Black and white photography evokes an honest, uncomplicated and timeless energy.

The photographs below present a beautiful, glamorous and unique insight into the sitter or the object. A sparkly sort of glittery sensation is translated into a still of a moment.

Emily Morris








(All images:


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Chanel Vs Erte

The recent Chanel Resort 2012 Cruise Collection was filled to the brim with a menagerie of different silhouettes and styles or as Karl Lagerfeld put it “too much may not be enough”.

Candies colours ranging from Rossi’s vanilla ice cream yellow (those of you who have been to Southend-on-Sea will know that Rossi’s vanilla ice cream is THE best ice cream ever made!), Parma Violet purple and White Chocolate Mouse ivory. Sweet, sweet, sweet; oh, and a few Chanel black and white classics.

With all this in mind one particular dress caught my eye. A beautiful black dress covered in shooting stars, which reminded me of Erte’s ‘Starstruck’ illustration of an elegant woman wearing a black dress with gold stars protruding from it. I love this reference, stars are one of my favourite prints and have been famously used throughout fashion history to portray an essence of fantasy, glamour and magic. All that fashion itself encompasses.

Emily Morris

Chanel Resort 2012


Erte 'Starstruck'


Cecil Beaton 'Miss Nancy Beaton as a Shooting Star', 1928


With thanks to the mentioned images sources.


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Animal Magic

Please let me proudly present a photo shoot produced with my Lomography Diana F+ camera. Inspired by endangered animals, the Amur Leopard, Giant Panda and Puerto Rican Parrot, I wanted to raise awareness for  these special creatures.

This photo shoot is made especially for the I Love Candy magazine blog, I hope you enjoy the photo’s as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Styling and Photography: Emily Morris

Model: Lydia Blythe

Here are a few facts about each animal:

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is critically endangered with less than 40 individual Amur Leopards in the wild.

An estimated 80% of the Amur Leopard’s habitat was lost between 1970 and 1983.

The Amur  Leopard lives in the mountains in between the Russian and Chinese borders.

For more information on the Amur Leopard please follow the WWF link below:

Giant Panda

In China, the Giant Panda is known as a national treasure.

In 2005 the Chinese Government had set up over 50 panda reserves protecting more than 45% of their habitat, however, only 61% of Giant Panda’s are protected by this. An increasing human population and rapidly growing economy is constantly putting strain on the panda’s way of life.

According to a 2004 survey, there are around 1,600 Giant Panda’s in the wild.

For more information on the Giant Panda please follow the WWF link below:

Puerto Rican Parrot

The Puerto Rican Parrot is only 29cm long and only weighs 270g.

This particular parrot is the only native species of parrot to Puerto Rico and is one of the rarest in the world due to deforestation and hunting. It used to populate the entire island but now can only be found in the Palo Colorado, Palma de Sierra and Tabonuco forests of the Luquillo Mountains within the Caribbean National Forests.

For more information on the Puerto Rican Parrot please follow the below link:

A big thank you to my model Lydia Blythe!

Emily Morris


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Lady Di

For last Christmas I received a gorgeous Lomography Diana F+ camera. As someone who has been fortunate enough to be able to shoot my own fashion stories for the first issue of I Love Candy magazine via a digital SLR, being presented with a manual camera spurred me into thinking differently about photography.

Having taken a few practice shots over the course of a holiday in South Africa and the recent March For Cuts protest in London I feel that I am now confident enough to shoot an entire fashion story using my Diana only!

Here are a few of the practice shots I mentioned. I hope you like them! The fashion shoot is due to commence at the end of the month, so keep your eye’s peeled for some intriguing and exciting images.

Emily Morris

March For Cuts Protest, London, 26th March 2011

March For Cuts Protest, London, 26th March 2011

London, 26th March 2011

Penguins! Cape Town January 2011

Cape Town, January 2011

Gun shooting, Cape Town, January 2011

Double Exposure, Cape Town, January 2011


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