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Peaky Blinders

For those of you that have seen the first series of Peaky Blinders, you will know well the intriguing story line, the allure of Cillian Murphey, the fabulous 1920’s gangster style (a big step away from Bugsy Malone!) and the all important girl power. For those of you that haven’t seen it, I suggest watching it IMMEDIATELY on BBC iPlayer. How much this stays true to the reality of the real Peaky Blinders, I’m not so sure. However, compelling viewing this does make.

Now into the second episode of the second series and I find myself rushing home just to watch it already. Everything must stop for this hour, nothing else exists. I’m not even a ‘TV’ person but seriously this is go-od. Oh and just to make this even more of a must see – Tom Hardy has appeared! Ding-dong!

For this post I want to concentrate on style.

It’s all in the tiny details. The way that the men and women dressed to impress, the non-existence of casual clobber, the absolute quality of the cut. Clothes were made to last, not three months, but for years. Clothes were made of strong, hard wearing British made fabrics. Clothes were made by hand either in the home or for the very wealthy, by a tailor.

The men were not concerned with frivolous, foppish attire but more of a smart, slick and paired down silhouette. The baker boy hat, the wool top coat, the tweed waistcoat and the round neck shirt with attachable stand collar and the all important collar clips. Think Boardwalk Empire but in a very British way – simple, chic and lots of black! The influence that Peaky Blinders has had on mens fashion has been immense. From the surge in undercut hair styles and facial grooming to the rise in gorgeous brogues and well cut proper trousers.

New women’s winter style icon: Polly Shelby. Everyday glamorous is the new casual. A hat with feathers, a plush red wool coat with a light pink detail silk shirt, intricate embellished waist belt, a black mid length skirt and black leather ankle boots. An uncomplicated yet strong image that portrays the strong exterior but soft interior of the character. Coats with fur collars and cuffs, beautiful embroidery. Refined bohemian.

I take my hat off to the wardrobe department on this series. I can feel a new ‘proper’ 1920’s sub-culture (minus the Gatsby-esque flapper girls please) is on the rise, in fact, I may even start this myself. Bring on the faux fur and big hats!

Emily Morris

Peaky Blinders204907Images from


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Handmade (by Emily Morris) silver Koi Karp 'luck' ring

Handmade (by Emily Morris) silver Koi Karp ‘luck’ ring

I Love Candy accessories are now being stocked in the lovely Coffeebean Company!!!

You can find handmade and vintage pieces from my accessories range among the huge array of coffeebeans and delicious home made cakes. They even come with a sweet little I Love Candy sticker, just for you to stick just about anywhere. We’re all about the guerilla advertising these days.

Please be sure to visit if you are in the Leigh-on-Sea area.

The Coffeebean Company – 39 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1SW

Rare vintage deer brooch

Rare vintage deer brooch


Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) sequin and stud bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) sequin and stud bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) pearl and vintage bead bow tie necklace

Suave and sophisticated handmade (by Emily Morris) pearl and vintage bead bow tie necklace




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Er, hello spring!

Finally some sunshine and a hint of spring.

Time to start thinking about getting your feet nice and pretty for some nice and pretty sandals I think.

Here’s a suggestion: Miista by Laura Villasenin. Look at these beauts. Sexy and sensible? Not two words that are likely to belong together but in this case we can make an exception.

Perfect for running about town while looking so, like, edgy and cool.


Image from Miista lookbook

Emily Morris

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Doggy Dudes

Afternoon, I Love Candy-ers!

I hope you’re all well and thankful that it’s nearly February! Yesssss, spring is on it’s way!

In the hope of clearing those January blues, I came across this interesting take on displaying various menswear looks. ‘Tis none other than 3 year old Shiba Inu ‘Menswear Dog’. From across the North Atlantic Ocean in the Big Apple, this dapper pooch is the go to for the latest ways of wearing mens fashion.

I love this sartorial take on gents dressing, although I do hope his gorgeous face has been superimposed rather than forced into such things (all in the name of animal wellfare I say).

Check out the Menswear Dog Blog:

tumblr_mhatfpXhpO1s4yg05o1_1280(Picture from Menswear Dog blog)

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I Love Candy accessories!!!

I Love Candy handmade black cotton bow tie with oversized bead detail, £15. Asos Marketplace.

Afternoon fellow bloggers and lovely followers,

After much hard work and anticipation, I Love Candy accessories has been launched on Asos Marketplace (and some orders have already been placed!).

Each piece has been hand crafted by myself, is totally unique and is absolutely lovely (even if I do say so myself!).

The present collection is a series of bow tie necklaces, all of which are one of a kind. Each material used has been carefully sourced from local vintage stores, independent boutiques and local creative fairs in the UK.

Check them out anyway, they are available to buy exclusively on Asos Marketplace. 

Any feedback, or requests are warmly welcomed. I can make to order too, so if you see anything you like but would like it a bit different then please do let me know and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

I’m always up for collaborating so please so email me.

Always a pleasure!


Asos Marketplace:



(All photographs are my own)

I Love Candy handmmade black cotton bow tie with dinosaur detail and pearl centre, £15. Asos Marketplace.

I Love Candy handmade red cotton bow tie with pearl detail and vintage flower bead centre, £15. Asos Marketplace.

I Love Candy hand made black cotton bow tie with sequin and glass bead embellished corners, £15. Asos Marketplace.

I Love Candy handmade red satin bow tie with pyramid stud details, £15. Asos Marketplace.

I Love Candy handmade red cotton bow tie with vintage flower and star bead detail, £15. Asos Marketplace.

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POP goes spring time colour


Feeling inspired by all amazing spring time colours. The silver lining to all the dark grey clouds full of rain we’ve been seeing as of late.

Emily Morris

(Photographs by me)

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Hail Cesar

Flicking through Vogue UK’s April issue, I came across Mathieu Cesar. A 24 year old French photographer with a penchant for black and white imagery, “Things are just too beautiful in black and white…It shows emotion in a clear way and feelings are more obvious”.

I just love this. Black and white photography evokes an honest, uncomplicated and timeless energy.

The photographs below present a beautiful, glamorous and unique insight into the sitter or the object. A sparkly sort of glittery sensation is translated into a still of a moment.

Emily Morris








(All images:


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Two weeks before payday and I am this close to giving in to temptation and spending the bank’s money on the new Gorillaz Converse camoflage hi-tops. They are just ding dong! These will have to remain on my increasingly long wish list – along with the other must have items I have managed to find recently.

Emily Morris

(Picture source:

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Tres jolie, that Posey

(All images sourced from Photography by Guy Arnoch, March 2008 and Alex Brunet, May 2011)

Since her role in Harry Potter, Clemence Posey has been a rising style icon. Creating her look with Parisian flea market finds, vintage designer and contemporary garments, she has crafted one of a unique and bohemian style. She mixes unusual patterns and colours with well cut, classic pieces and that annoyingly chic French je ne sais quoi. At present she’s all over the newspapers and magazines, and is already one of 2012’s starlets to watch with BBC’s Birdsong, in which she plays the beautiful Isabella who partakes in a secret affair with Eddy Redmayne’s character Stephen Wraysford.

Emily Morris

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Kate Moss! Kate Moss! Kate Moss!

On a grey, gloomy day like today, I was pleasantly surprised to find in my inbox a little treasure. The new, and by far the best Rimmel advert ever to be made. Produced as a short film, this 4 minutes of fabulousness catches Kate Moss causing mischief around the Spring Street studios. Featuring The Vaccines, Miss Moss playing the guitar and getting a bit naked. If, like me you love Kate Moss; watch and smile.

Emily Morris

Thank you to Youtube and Rimmel for a bit of glamour on a Wednesday!

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