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Beeee happy

Following on from my post about the all amazing coconut oil facial cleanser, another natural beauty aid I’ve been using is honey. Raw, sweet, glorious honey brought to human kind from the fluffy, humble honey bee.

So, honey, I’ve found is a fantastic exfoliator and moisture mask. And, not to mention a fraction of the price of some of those designer, chemical-laden products.

Honey facts for your face:

It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-microbial and anti-inflammitory properties making it brilliant anti-aging product. These properties also help to protect your skin against harmful UV rays (although, obvs not to be used instead of sunscreen).

Honey helps to keep your skin soft and supple since it a remarkable ability to retain moisture.

In India, honey is known as a natural cleanser and exfoliator where it’s used to make the face glow and keep it blemish free.

It’s healing properties are beneficial for all skin types, including those with acne, rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin.

Keeping with my simple beauty regime all I do is simply squeeze the honey from the pot, rub it in circular motions around my face (once the honey has crystalised, it acts as a gentle but effective exfoliator), and leave on for around 10-15mins. I wash off with warm water. Boom, done!

I do this once or twice a week.

Since doing this my skin has been noticeably softer, brighter and less prone to breakouts.

I have found other masks that use honey (I’m yet to try these):

Make a paste with honey and milk

Mix honey with olive oil

Mix honey with rose water

The best honey to use is Raw and/or organic. Manuka would be great if you don’t mind the price tag and you would need to make sure it’s the real deal (there’s loads of fakers out there).

Keep watching for more natural beauty tricks. Step by step we WILL combat the chemical-riden beauty world.

Bring on nature, baby!



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La Beauté Naturelle de Coco

Hello Summer and hello gorgeous skin! I’ve gone back to basics and have started to rid my beauty box of all the nasty chemicals that reside in shop bought beauty products. Home made and raw natural beauty products, a thing of the past or the future? Well, judging from all the blog posts and the myriad of information online about natural products, I would say this is definitely due for a revival. And lets hope it’s one that’s here to stay.

First on my list, the all important facial cleanser. Two words: coconut oil. Enough said.

I’d read about the cleansing method on various blogs and thought I’d give it a go, however, most said to combine an oil such as almond or coconut with a carrier oil such as caster oil. After looking into it a bit more and as a girl always on the go I realised this seemed too hard for me to sustain – after all who wants to work out oil ratios just before bed and also risk your face reacting because you’ve put too much of the other thing in etc.

BTW, I have sensitive combination skin so many ingredients wreck havoc with my complexion.

I like to keep it nice and simple – cue – coconut oil. One of the planets most versatile and amazing products of nature. It is most definitely considered a ‘superfood’ and can be used not only for hair, skin, nails, body but can be used as a cooking ingredient, a salad dressing etc. The health benefits are endless, owing many of these to it’s unique combination of fatty acids. It has sublime moisturisng abilities as well as containing anti bacterial qualities and keeps skin looking younger for longer. Just check out the dewy glow from the ILC favourite Miranda Kerr (also a beauty that digs natural beauty products, and coconut oil!).

Anyway, so my method is to simply slather the stuff all over my face, including eyelashes as it makes a perfect eye make up remover. If the oil is a bit too solid, simply warm it either in your hands or in the microwave or on the hob. Rub the oil in circular motions (improves circulation) and then using warm-hot water dampen a clean face cloth and rub the coconut oil off your face. Your face will feel incredibly soft and nourished after this, you may not even need to use a moisturiser.

Done. Ta-dah!

Another fabulous use for your coconut oil is as a body moisturiser. Just massage on to your skin straight from the jar. Perfecto. If you’re into ayurvedic healing and your primary dosha is vata, they say that using oil on your body helps to keep your joints supple (My dosha is vata and as a yoga teacher I can vouch for this much needed remedy at times).

Next on my list of uses for coconut oil – as a deoderant. Not too sure about this but I’ll try and test and of course let you know how it goes.

N.B: you can use any coconut oil to start you off but my recommendation would be to find an organic, raw or cold pressed oil in a glass jar (if possible) since this is a better quality.

I hope my simple tips help you on your own journey to natural beauty.

Peace out and Om Shanti XXX


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