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Doggy Dudes

Afternoon, I Love Candy-ers!

I hope you’re all well and thankful that it’s nearly February! Yesssss, spring is on it’s way!

In the hope of clearing those January blues, I came across this interesting take on displaying various menswear looks. ‘Tis none other than 3 year old Shiba Inu ‘Menswear Dog’. From across the North Atlantic Ocean in the Big Apple, this dapper pooch is the go to for the latest ways of wearing mens fashion.

I love this sartorial take on gents dressing, although I do hope his gorgeous face has been superimposed rather than forced into such things (all in the name of animal wellfare I say).

Check out the Menswear Dog Blog:

tumblr_mhatfpXhpO1s4yg05o1_1280(Picture from Menswear Dog blog)


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Animal Magic

Please let me proudly present a photo shoot produced with my Lomography Diana F+ camera. Inspired by endangered animals, the Amur Leopard, Giant Panda and Puerto Rican Parrot, I wanted to raise awareness for  these special creatures.

This photo shoot is made especially for the I Love Candy magazine blog, I hope you enjoy the photo’s as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Styling and Photography: Emily Morris

Model: Lydia Blythe

Here are a few facts about each animal:

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is critically endangered with less than 40 individual Amur Leopards in the wild.

An estimated 80% of the Amur Leopard’s habitat was lost between 1970 and 1983.

The Amur  Leopard lives in the mountains in between the Russian and Chinese borders.

For more information on the Amur Leopard please follow the WWF link below:

Giant Panda

In China, the Giant Panda is known as a national treasure.

In 2005 the Chinese Government had set up over 50 panda reserves protecting more than 45% of their habitat, however, only 61% of Giant Panda’s are protected by this. An increasing human population and rapidly growing economy is constantly putting strain on the panda’s way of life.

According to a 2004 survey, there are around 1,600 Giant Panda’s in the wild.

For more information on the Giant Panda please follow the WWF link below:

Puerto Rican Parrot

The Puerto Rican Parrot is only 29cm long and only weighs 270g.

This particular parrot is the only native species of parrot to Puerto Rico and is one of the rarest in the world due to deforestation and hunting. It used to populate the entire island but now can only be found in the Palo Colorado, Palma de Sierra and Tabonuco forests of the Luquillo Mountains within the Caribbean National Forests.

For more information on the Puerto Rican Parrot please follow the below link:

A big thank you to my model Lydia Blythe!

Emily Morris


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