Going Sober this October

This October, I’ve decided to use my time and health for better purposes than usual and that is to raise money for the fantastic charity, Macmillan. As you will see from the title, my challenge is to ‘Go Sober’ for October, a challenge that I originally thought would be a breeze but in reality the commitment to staying away from the stuff is hard.

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest drinker but I do like to have a cheeky glass or two of a Friday night, or over a Saturday lunch and a few nights out, like most people really. But then I thought, going sober to raise money for a charity that helps those dealing with cancer is actually a perfect concept.

Cancerous cells seem to react to toxins and stress in the body (that’s my extremely simplified analogy), so when you think about it going sober is actually helping to raise awareness of some of the poisons we choose to ingest into our bodies therefore contributing to stressing out our ever more vulnerable bodies making us more prone to these types of illnesses.

I’m writing this post to not only bring awareness to the cause, but the charity and my challenge on a more international scale. I will be keeping you up to date with my challenge this month and any donation that you can spare, no matter how small will go towards an amazing cause.

If you feel inspired to join me on my t-total quest this month, you can sign up here:


To support me and help me to raise as much as I can and also find out more about why I’m pledging to go sober, check out my page:


So, I’ve swapped my delicious cocktails for something much healthier – quinoa, chia seeds, coconut milk and raspberry parfait with a leopard print glass of green tea. Delicious!


Om shanti, thanking you! xxx


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